About Carry Me Wear

Carry Me Wear is offering a unique, stylish and comfortable fashion line called NANA that started in Europe right after Judit Ban had 2 adorable infants within 14 months, she named her collection after her daughter Nana. Judit being a fashion addict refused to limit her wardrobe to the usual maternity clothes. 

First she came up with the design of new ponchos which can be worn while pregnant and also carrying your baby.    

The next item on her list was the design of the coats which is an ongoing project. She is always coming up with new ideas, improving, changing the design and adding features to each new product version.

Her coats are designed to adjust to a growing baby bump, so it can be worn anytime during pregnancy. When the baby is born, the coat can be placed over the baby carrier, the baby can be carried on the front or on the back and kept safe under the coat.

Needless to say the coat can be worn after the baby doesn’t need to be carried, as the extension part can be taken out, so you can wear you NANA coat for many years.  

Judit’s next ideas are already available including summer clothes for new mums, matching daughter/mother clothes, sleeping bags for kids, babywearing raincoats and many more items that are colourful, fun and practical at the same time.